Grafana dashbord not working?


Hello! I try to use Grafana’s dashboard Dramatiq, and get error in JS:

Is a Dashboard in actual and working state?


Yes, the dashboard should be working just fine. Did you set up Prometheus as a data source and did you point the dashboard at that data source when setting things up? If you mouse over the little red triangles, it should give you more details about what the problem is.


Id red triangle the same error - “ is undefined”
I think that set up all correct. As we can see a next screenshot - XHR requests get data correctly - i see actor name and args and etc.

So its looks as no problem with data sources. But where is a problem, in front-end of Grafana dashboard?
I guess need more some research


Must be an issue with Grafana itself, then. Try upgrading to a more recent version (or downgrading) or open an issue with Grafana.


I try 5.04, 5.1 and 4.6.2, nothing result yet. I Will continue research in next days. Perhaps needed debug JS of Grafana to understand what is going wrong.


I solve my issue. The problem was that i’m very new in this tools and don’t understand correctly how all of this must working together.


Glad it all worked out. Would you mind describing what it was you missed initially? Maybe it’ll help someone down the line.


Yes, i first think about this. Maybe in documentation need separate point about how to monitoring Dramatiq via Grafana. Some more verbose description that right now.