RPC support so messages can be sent to other languages


I considered making a github enhancement request but I just wanted to see if this was possible for now. Is there support for RPC requests in Dramatiq? (https://www.rabbitmq.com/tutorials/tutorial-six-python.html). I’d like to use Dramatiq because it has just about everything I’m looking for but we also need to send messages to .NET workers and it would be nice if I could manage those as well.

I dug through the code a little bit and saw you can declare a queue and enqueue through the broker, but it doesn’t look like the generated message would be what an RPC queue would expect (it needs a reply_to field corresponding to the queue_name to reply back on, and a correlation_id assuming you aren’t creating a queue for each request).


I should add I’m happy to tackle making a PR for this, i just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious.


Mind going into more detail on how exactly you’d see this working?

If all you need is a way to enqueue messages with a reply_to property, then you can do so by accessing the RabbitmqBroker's connection or channel properties. Through those you’ll have direct access to the pika APIs shown in that tutorial.